weird and serious phobias I have!

Ok so, *Do you guys have this weird phobia of flying insects like butterflies, moths, or another insect that could fly?  Cause I don't wanna be alone having this phobia, it is way too embarrassing to accept that you're like afraid of butterflies and moths. This phobia is called Entomophobia. Man, oh, man! Too bad to be true for me. But yes, maybe I'm not alone.  And well phobia of darkness , Nyctophobia.  But now, I'm out of it. I'm not that afraid like before.   And yep! That is it for this blog, bye!👋

Things I HATE that people do!

This is really annoying tho,
1) when people reply with "hmm", "k", "ohh", etc.. This is even worse when people reply with it even after we send them paragraphs of feeling and emotions about the situation. Man, it's so irritating that I might even block you .
2) leaving me on READ/SEEN. This is the worst of all , man..... I hate it so much , that I start hating those people, and remember our friendship will definitely get ruined. Just don't talk to me already, of you're not going to reply to my texts . Screw you!
3) when people make annoying, scratching high pitched noises.Oof!
4) leaving the doors open, dude, like why you open the door , come in. Then why won't you close it, like wtf is wrong with you.

Weird things I do 😂😅

Please don't tell me I am the only one who does all these:
1) Dancing and Grooving to romantic music in an imaginary date night
2) Give advices to myself by talking to my reflection in the mirror, and conversation sometimes turn to a self - debate. I also say dramatic dialogues of my own and would fight imaginary characters in order make myself feel heroic.
3) I play PUBG and COD a lot, therefore when I watch a movie and TV , I guess the guns they use whenever any guns are shown. 
4) hallucinating a bad situation and talking to mirror to myself anxiously.
 By the way , here's a funfact: did you talking to yourself in the mirror makes you stronger and mentally stable when your depressed, this is because you express all your emotions freely and you'd feel relieved.

When the angel in you faces the devil

Struggles of living in this society:As we all well know, this society is way too judgmental. You'd be judged no matter how hard you try to please someone. Moreover haters are always there, but this judgemental people break your confidence and would convince that you're no good.
 This is where the war begins.... The war between us and the society. No matter what you to please them they never look for what you do instead they criticize for what you didn't do. This makes an angel in you turn into a demon . This change in you is for facing your society and yes! You no longer will be judged like before. But you'll be a sinful soul which is for no use.
  Is it just me who feels this way? Cause man I've been judged so much already for something I wouldn't have done . God, this is disgraceful. It's hard to live in a bias society where everything is misconceptions and assumptions.  Safety of girls is something we all need to be a strong community in the first.And that&#…

My first ever Blog____

Hey! I'm Dharshini. This is my first blog...I wanted blog and share things since my childhood and finally, I'm here. Let's just talk about things we can all relate to, let's laugh about it all. I'm a high school student. I love drawing, painting, dancing, and bathroom singing. I'll share a lot more on my life and my day to day things I face.